Get Involved

Historical Village & Scholte House

Volunteers are needed in the Pella Historical Village & Scholte House during Tulip Time. Volunteers will serve as hosts and hostesses in the various buildings, help in the Village bakery or the gift shop. Call 641-628-4311 to volunteer.  Scholte House volunteers call Beverly at 661-628-3684 or email   All volunteers need to wear a Dutch Costume to ensure the best experience for our guests.

Street Scrubbers

Everyone in costume is welcome to participate in street scrubbing! Please gather at the corner of Broadway and Franklin 15 minutes prior to parade times (2:15 pm and 8:15 pm). Brooms and buckets provided.

Dutch Dancers

(dance in front of the Tulip Toren at 2:00 and 7:00 all 3 days of Tulip Time.)
Open to anyone 5th grade through adult.
For more information, call Amy at 780-0425


Volunteers are needed to become millers in the Vermeer Mill. This position requires a person with an interest in things mechanical and is willing to learn to operate a working windmill. Hands on training is provided on site followed by a skill assessment by a certified miller. Once trained this person will work in the mill 2 or 3 days per month. For more information contact Jim Brandl at or 641-620-9463.


Volunteers are needed to serve as hosts and hostesses in the Interpretive Center and at Scholte House . Person should enjoy meeting and greeting people and provide answers to questions and encourage visitors to take the tour of the Mill and Village. A script of the timeline room is provided and hands on training by director. Volunteers will be scheduled as the individuals schedule permits, each shift is 1/2 day. If interested call Lila Turnbull at 641-620-9463. For Scholte House call Beverly at 641-628-3684 or email

Mill Guides

Volunteers are needed to be mill guides. The mill guide will take the tourists on a tour of the Vermeer Mill. Individual must enjoy talking to people and have an interest in windmills. Training on the working of the mill and a script is available for interested persons. Contact Lila Turnbull at 641-620-9463.