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For more information contact the Pella Historical Society.

Pella Historical Village
507 Franklin St.
Pella, IA U.S. 50219

Pella Historical Society & Museums
Executive Director, Kathleen Miller

For Collections, Memberships and Education
contact Assistant Director and Collections Manager Allison Limke

For news, tours and museum store information
contact Visitor Services Coordinator, Carly Caligiuri
Phone: (641) 620-9463

For Pella Tulip Time inquiries/information
contact Tulip Time Office Manager, Iris Vande Wal or Pat Wolf

507 Franklin St.
Pella, Iowa U.S. 50219
Phone: (641) 628-4311

For Scholte House information
contact Beverly Graves
728 Washington St.
Pella, IA U.S. 50219
Phone: (641) 628-3684


Miles to Pella

Iowa Midwest
Amana Colonies 92 Chicago 307
Cedar Rapids 120 Kansas City 223
Council Bluffs 146 Milwaukee 341
Des Moines 45 Minneapolis 320
Dubuque 179 Omaha 175
Winterset 91 St. Louis 290